We Are Partially Open at Britannia Bodyworks Wellness Centre

We would like to keep you up to date as we unravel our re-entry into
our work here at Britannia Bodywork & Wellness Centre.  

Change is one thing that is always guaranteed. We see this with the impact the COVID has had on all of us. Here at Britannia Bodywork’s, we were in the midst of change when COVID hit, so that change has been accelerated to say the least.Wellness message Calgary

We are now faced with how to come back into practice as restrictions lift. Massage Therapy is in the second wave of re-entry so the exact dates are still undetermined for us based on the success of the first wave. We will keep you posted as those dates are determined and as safety protocols are set up in alignment with the recommendations of our governing bodies.

Our centre will look, feel and sound different. Some of the Practitioners have moved on to new locations or are in the process of doing so. We have downsized our space to a place that more accurately reflects our message and how we want to continue with our offerings.  Visit our Blog Post for locations of those Practitioners that have served you well over the past years.

Here is a short message from Kerry Hilderman

An Update from Diane Patterson’s Physiotherapy Practice

I am back at work providing in person Physiotherapy treatments at Britannia Bodywork and Wellness Centre and wanted to fill you in on some procedural things that are new.

  • I am spacing my appointments 15 minutes apart to give me time to sanitize between patients and to reduce traffic flow in the clinic. You have likely received notifications from Britannia Bodywork and Wellness Centre indicating your adjusted treatment times.




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