Clearing and Coaching

Clearing and Coaching

Ever since I started working with Lynne, my life has become more organized and I have been better able to express my creativity in ways that bring joy and deep fulfillment to life. Lynne takes you on a sort of magic carpet ride through your deeper consciousness and guides you to bring out ways in which life can have more of that which you are desiring. I have had more consistent flow of finances and consistent flow of deeply fulfilling time off or time of enjoyment since working with her. I’ve also picked back up on hobbies that used to bring me fulfillment but that I had hidden in the closets of my mind. I have literally cleaned and cleared out every closet and every drawer in a way to prepare my space to allow for all the creative flow that is continuing to flow more and more through me and get expressed in the world. That was the part that was missing. Many of my desires were just spinning around in my head as disappointments or unfulfilled longings. Lynnes work has brought action with a gentleness that has been truly nurturing. I regularly nurture my creative side now and it has brought deep satisfaction to life. I have learned that taking assertion over my life does not have to be a big destructive, scary thing but that assertion is a way of claiming the opportunity of a life lived well according to ones own standards. Let Lynne guide you to your deepest truths so you can live a more fully satisfied life.

Please let me know if you want anything changed about it. I do apologize for taking so long to do such a simple thing. There have truly been so many gifts received by the work we have done together. It was tough to narrow it down but I notice your work everywhere in my environment as it is much more spacious and organized and delightful. I also, dress for Joy a lot more then I used to.

Thanks so much, Lynne.

With gobs of love,

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