Crazy Times Call for Calm Confidence

In this interview Lynne Hilderman, co-owner at Britannia Bodywork, talks about how to take care of our body, mind and spirit and how to reach a greater wellbeing in all aspects of life.

Taking OWNERSHIP of Your Health

You are the healer of your own body. Watch this insightful interview and find out what Kerry Hilderman, co-owner at Britannia Bodywork has to say.

We Are Back!

We are back in practice! Our booking system open and available for booking. You can book online at or call us at 403-243-6610 You will discover that our whole clinic has changed – post COVID 19. We have downsized significantly and will be practicing out of a Suite 209…

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Covid Protocols

COVID PROTOCOLS We will be pre-screening when you book your appointment by phone, email or online. Pease arrive exactly on time for your appointment. We’ll will be asking to you fill in a check in sheet, as well as a pre-screening questionnaire required by The Natural Health Practitioners of Canada & The…

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Acupuncture: The key to your body’s healthy irrigation system

How does acupuncture work? Much like an irrigation system supplies water to crops, acupuncture manages the internal channel systems of the body. And just as nature is exposed to varying climates, weather and external influences, our bodies experience similar environmental challenges and these manifest themselves through aches, pains and ailments. …

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