I was referred to Kerry Hilderman by my chiropractor, Dr. Hasick, for chronic TMJ (temporal mandibular joint) issues. I had endured and suffered for years with jaw pain, clicking, partial numbness, and extreme reduced functioning of my jaw joint. Within a surprisingly few cranial sacral sessions with Kerry, I was able to open and close my jaw with less and less resistance and the pain and numbness decreased dramatically. My TMJ issue is almost non existent today, and I am both greatly relieved and delighted.

I continued on with regular massage therapy sessions with Kerry which pinpointed and unravelled other tensions. As we focused on “maintaining and progressing”, the sessions also provided me with much needed stress relief, improved my posture, and I believe, improved my immune system as well. Simply put, I feel healthier and happier. 🙂
Diana Dagg


“I started seeing Kerry at Britannia Bodyworks after starting my Nucca treatment. I had been diagnosed with a neurological disease that affected my muscles. I had a new baby that I couldn’t care for, I couldn’t drive and the pain was extreme. I felt hopeless about my ability to heal. I was told botox or brain surgery were my only options.
What Kerry did for my mind, body and spirit is beyond words and definitely beyond a ‘massage.’ He was able to listen to my body and help it heal. He also helped me to connect my mind to my body. He made sense of what was happening with my muscles. Each visit, I got slightly better; it was small improvements at first, and he told me ‘one day you won’t remember the pain and you won’t remember what this was like.’ I went weekly for months, then I went monthly, now I go only as needed to maintain.
Every treatment he would encourage me that this is not forever and bodies do know how to heal. He didn’t promise me results but I felt hope working with him, and anyone going through a crisis knows that hope, sometimes is the only thing that matters.
My body completely healed, my work with Kerry was a critical part of this. I have no pain, and I have full movement. I take care of my children, I work part time, I skate, I run and even went camping this year! He was right I don’t really remember how bad it was or the pain. I do remember our conversations and the feeling of moving towards health.
Thank you Kerry”

Shannon K., Calgary


Britannia Bodywork and Wellness Centre, Kerry Hilderman, has treated my seriously fractured left arm which developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. His treatments and suggestions of exercises were crucial to my recovery and rehabilitation. Thanks also to his amazing office staff for their encouragement and support. :):)”

Marlene P, Calgary


Lynne is a highly effective and compassionate health coach. Her deep listening skills and questioning process during each of our coaching sessions helped me to dive deeper to discover the real purpose of my challenges in life.”

Monica D. Traystman, Ph.D.President, Healthy Spirit, Inc.
San Diego, CA


“With persistence Kerry was able to get everything loosened up again in my back and leg to the point I was once again able to be mobile and I had strength in my ankle so I didn’t fall.”


“This program is fun and has potential to change your life. The process involves a phone call once a week, where the coach will ask a series of questions to unlock the subconscious mind and shed light on important aspects of life that may not normally be addressed. Having a coach to assist this process and listen to your needs is highly valuable. Without knowing it directly, throughout the 10 weeks, your life will change. Your boundaries, intentions and values will become clear and situations that no longer fit will fall away as you become more aligned to your core. Being in alignment with your self makes you feel centred and in control, and therefore it makes life easier and happier when you know where you stand. If to “know thyself” is important to you, than the Core Alignment program is a step in the right direction.

As a facilitator, Lynne Hilderman has guided me through the process with grace and understanding. She allows me to speak and raises important questions that help further my personal development. Her experience, patience and perspectives have supported my growth and exploration of self. I’m grateful for her time and knowledge, I believe she is a real natural when it comes to helping people feel empowered and safe for self exploration. Lynne, from the depth of my soul, thank you very much!”

Nicole Fortin, Calgary


“I was challenged with all the obstacles around relationship, business and my family.
I was dealing with a controlling mother, teenagers going through life changes such as school troubles and work problem. I was able to think in a completely different way so that I was able to respond rather than coming from reactions which would have created more drama and trauma. When I did come from reaction it lasted a short time as I was able to see more clearly and move beyond the reaction into action and solution. Others may not have changed in what they did, but I was able to make decisions that benefited me and was able to say what was true for me in a way that was able to be received rather than fighting. With my teenage son reacting to me in a disrespectful manner, I have been able to stand my ground and be much more reasonable than I would have in the past. I also have been able to say exactly what I need to say in new relationship without attachment to the outcome. The only outcome I am interested in is win/win from my point of view. I am open to all the possibilities.
The manner in which Lynn asked the questions and guided me was brilliant. She is insightful, intuitive and truly assisted me. The questions were framed in such a way that at times it seemed my brain and mind were jumbled. I was confused at times and Lynne brilliantly guided me to a place where I felt the confusion lift and clarity take its place.

Presently, I have a list of people, possibilities and ideas of which is part of my strategy to move forward in business and a new possibilities of how I might wish to live my life, create my relationship and build my business. The contribution of looking at different angles and awareness has given me new direction and focus.”

Susan Faber, Cochrane, Alberta


“Ever since I started woking with Lynne, my life has become more organized and I have been better able to express my creativity in ways that bring joy and deep fulfillment to life. Lynne takes you on a sort of magic carpet ride through your deeper consciousness and guides you to bring out ways in which life can have more of that which you are desiring. I have had more consistent flow of finances and consistent flow of deeply fulfilling time off or time of enjoyment since working with her. I’ve also picked back up on hobbies that used to bring me fulfillment but that I had hidden in the closets of my mind. I have literally cleaned and cleared out every closet and every drawer in a way to prepare my space to allow for all the creative flow that is continuing to flow more and more through me and get expressed in the world. That was the part that was missing. Many of my desires were just spinning around in my head as disappointments or unfulfilled longings. Lynnes work has brought action with a gentleness that has been truly nurturing. I regularly nurture my creative side now and it has brought deep satisfaction to life. I have learned that taking assertion over my life does not have to be a big destructive, scary thing but that assertion is a way of claiming the opportunity of a life lived well according to ones own standards. Let Lynne guide you to your deepest truths so you can live a more fully satisfied life.

Please let me know if you want anything changed about it. I do apologize for taking so long to do such a simple thing. There have truly been so many gifts received by the work we have done together. It was tough to narrow it down but I notice your work everywhere in my environment as it is much more spacious and organized and delightful. I also, dress for Joy a lot more then I used to.

Thanks so much, Lynne.

With gobs of love,”


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