New Patient

New Patient

As a new patient you might have a few questions before booking an appointment.

Who do I book an appointment with?

A. You can see anyone in our clinic as a starting point, if they, in their assessment and treatment feel that there is a more appropriate approach they will tell you and strive to find the most appropriate avenue.

B. If you are like most, you have been recommended by friends, relatives or acquaintances who have given you the name of a person to see for a particular problem. Sometimes we are that person. Usually a good referral is a place to start.


C. Things to consider:

  • Are you in chronic pain?
  • Have you just been in an accident?
  • Do you have digestive disorders?
  • Have you had head injuries?
  • Are you dealing with muscular skeletal imbalances?
Also considering the following:

  • Are getting your questions answered?
  • Do you feel that the technique and the person you are working with is a good fit for you?
  • Are you are achieving the results you are looking for?
  • Is your particular problem being fully understood?

Sometimes you have not received good results and/or need a multidisciplinary approach to your problem. That is what we are striving to become effective at. Each one of us has offerings in our services that help you on your road to wellness and harmony. Sometimes we need a single technique and sometimes we need many to bring our bodies back to function and stability.

Our approach is simple. We help your body to heal itself, so you don’t “NEED US” and you can “GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE” and if you do return to us occasionally, it’s because you want to, not have to. In doing so hopefully you refer someone else in “NEED” and we do the same with them.

Please ask us if you have any concerns or questions.

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