Taking OWNERSHIP of Your Health

You are the healer of your own body. Watch this insightful interview and find out what Kerry Hilderman, co-owner at Britannia Bodywork has to say.

PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator

  Product Description:The PiMag® PiDrogen Hydrogen Generator transforms alkaline PiMag water into a source of highly concentrated, dissolved, natural hydrogen gas. When consumed, the water from the PiMag® PiDrogen supplies an abundance of antioxidants in order to assist in relieving oxidative stress and to help bring the body back into…

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Get in the Zone with Foot Reflexology

Nikken Blog  quotes Reflexology’s increasing popularity at present seems to derive from its reputation for dealing with stress and tension and in promoting relaxation. Reflexology, otherwise known as zone therapy, is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet (and sometimes the hands or…

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Dynamic Underlayer Kinetic Tape with Nikken Far-Infrared and Negative-Ion TechnologyTape comforts stressed muscles and joints and promotes greater freedom of movement. Wear KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE when exercising or under clothing– the stretchable, thin profile and flexible cotton composition affords all-day comfort. It can be cut to any length, with consistent…

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Health by Choice not by Chance

Did you know there is an ever-growing trend of active Wellness and Self Care? The Global Wellness Community is expanding. What is more important than living a life in balance, body, mind, family, society and finances, and having available clean water, the quality of sleep,  energy, good quality of food…

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Organic Jade GreenZymes®

Called “nature’s perfect food,” barley grass is said to have more nutrition than an equal serving of any other vegetable. The barley grass in organic Jade GreenZymes® is beneficial in helping balance pH, supporting a strong immune system, and assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels that are already in the…

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Laughter Is the Best Medicine

When you research “Laughter” you will find many articles, quotes and inspirational information.   Here are only a few benefits: 15 minutes of laughing equals the benefits of 2 hours sleep  On good belly laugh burns off 3.5 calories  It helps people get along  Children laugh 400 times a day while…

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