Health by Choice not by Chance

Lynne and LorraineDid you know there is an ever-growing trend of active Wellness and Self Care? The Global Wellness Community is expanding.

What is more important than living a life in balance, body, mind, family, society and finances, and having available clean water, the quality of sleep,  energy, good quality of food and feeling energized as we go about your day?

Our intention with making this ZOOM Wellness Gathering available  every Monday afternoon  is to share information and give support so we have Health by Choice and not by Chance.

With hosts, Lynne Hilderman MT, CAS, BF, RCRT.s a Specialist in Core Alignment Clearing/Coaching, Emotional Wisdom Training;  Massage & Craniosacral Therapist;  Foot Reflexologist;  Access Consciousness Bars™ facilitator.

Lorraine Martin,  a former Psychiatric healthcare worker, author and now engaged in Active Wellness.


Time: Mondays, at 3:00pm PT, 4:00pm MT,  5:00pm CT

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Contact Lorraine Martin
Phone: 250-408-4846
Lynne Hilderman
Phone: 403-815-6985


Appreciation for your support and interest in your wellness journey.

Please share this with your family and friends who have the same interest and wish to learn more.

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