Laughter Is the Best Medicine

When you research “Laughter” you will find many articles, quotes and inspirational information.  

Here are only a few benefits:

  • 15 minutes of laughing equals the benefits of 2 hours sleep
  •  On good belly laugh burns off 3.5 calories
  •  It helps people get along
  •  Children laugh 400 times a day while adults laugh about 15
  •  Laughter causes endorphin release, improves circulatory and cardiovascular health, boosts immune system
  •  Laughter decreases sick time and job turnover
  •  Laughter increases motivation, influence and build moral
  •  Laughter increases productivity, teamwork and job satisfaction
  •  Laugher improves digestion, alleviate pain, relaxes muscles
  • People laughed an average of 15 minutes a day in 1950s Today it’s down to 4 t0 6 minutes day
  •  Laughter facilities openness to change
  •  Laughter releases stress, depression, anger, anxiety
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About Lorraine Martin

A retired Psychiatric Nurse worked in Saskatchewan, England, Switzerland and Nova Scotia. Wellness Coach for past 20 years promoting Living a Balance Lifestyle, in Harmony with Nature and Humans Being More through the 5 Pillars of Wellness, body mind, family, society and finances

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