Dynamic Underlayer Kinetic Tape with Nikken Far-Infrared and Negative-Ion TechnologyTape comforts stressed muscles and joints and promotes greater freedom of movement. Wear KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE when exercising or under clothing– the stretchable, thin profile and flexible cotton composition affords all-day comfort.

It can be cut to any length, with consistent adhesion from end to end. KENKOTHERM DUK TAPE is also designed to work well with a Kenko PowerChip®  holding the disc in place where desired.

Power Chip

The Kenko PowerChip® includes patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology, which incorporates a series of small magnets set within a larger matrix that is also magnetic. A unique feature of this configuration is that at several points, the adjacent magnetic surfaces are in opposition. This acts to intensify the field strength and increases the depth of field. In addition, the multiple angles created by the DynaFlux® arrangement afford 100% magnetic coverage. The result is a compact yet extraordinary example of Nikken state-of-the-art design. The Kenko PowerChip® makes an ideal partner with KenkoTherm® support wraps.

DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology,

RecoursesKenkoTherm DUK™ Tape exclusively by Nikken


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