Earth Day Celebrations April 22

These quotes are taken from Nikken Blog

“With social distancing, seesawing merchant closures and openings, seclusion, and various unwelcome kinds of fear—we live differently now than ever before.”

“Reconnecting with nature might help in more ways than one. Emerging scientific research has revealed a surprisingly positive and over looked environmental factor on health: direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth.”

“Re-connection with the Earth’s electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being.”

“Grounding is being studied and researched for its potential benefits for countering inflammation, cardiovascular disease, muscle damage, chronic pain and mood.”

“Some massage therapists have incorporated grounding in their practices. Evidence shows that after grounding therapy, stress, depression and fatigue were reduced among participants.”

“Urban living often prohibits the natural ways to reconnect with nature. The KenkoGround® makes grounding easy to accomplish indoors.”

Grounding or Earthing Dr. Laura Koniver MD, Intuition Physician talks able the beneficial for the body Grounding or Earthing is beneficial for the body.

Self Care Awakening April 6 2021
Why does “grounding or earthing” matter? If you are concerned about the electrical ocean we soak in every day and what impact that has on your health and the health of your family, you are in the right place. Learn more about the Nikken KenkoGround Grounding pad and the use of biomimicry to bring a natural solution into your home, office, or WFH office.

For KenkoGround information contacts

Lorraine Martin  250-408-4846

Lynne Hilderman         403-815-6085

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A retired Psychiatric Nurse worked in Saskatchewan, England, Switzerland and Nova Scotia. Wellness Coach for past 20 years promoting Living a Balance Lifestyle, in Harmony with Nature and Humans Being More through the 5 Pillars of Wellness, body mind, family, society and finances

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