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Nikken PiMag Water Technology consists of two elements: Multiple filtration and pi-minerals.

Pi and Magnetic Systems

An Unique feature of PiMag water Technology is the addition of pi minerals to the process. Japanese scientists originally discovered pi water in the 1970’s. Observation had suggested that the water from an environment and hillside stream had a remarkable effect on the plants life in the area. The scientists examined the environment and found that it contained an unusual collection of topographical
features. The surrounding hills contained magnetite and calcium. The watercourse flowed over silicates, the material that forms natural crystal. The water from it was found to have an atypical combination of minerals, and was naturally alkaline. This alkalinity helps to balance the acidic diet and tress-induced acidity that is commonly experienced in modern life. Duplicating these conditions in the laboratory resulted in a form of this “pi water”. Magnetic technology was added, as a magnetic field assists in conditioning water without adding salt or other chemicals.

Filtration systems

The PiMag Water System includes a system of multiple filters that provides a defense against a broad range of tap water contaminants, including volatile organic compounds, lead, cysts, MTBE, turbidity, chlorine, bad tastes, odours and particulate matter.

The intake water enters the following filters:

1) A pre-filter of micro-sponge which reduces sediment, rust, and particles up to 0.1 microns.
2) Activated Charcoal to reduce odours, colour, chlorine, organic compounds, detergents and chemicals.
3) Activated magnesium Charcoal to ionize the water and increase the antioxidant potential.
4) Activated Charcoal with silver to reduce bacteria and helps to inhibit their growth.
5) KDF Material to generate chemical reactions of oxide reduction, reduce chlorine, heavy metals, virus and bacteria.
6) Ion Exchange Resin which reduces heavy metals adds sodium and potassium ions for better water quality.
7) Clay, Silver, and Bio Silver Beads to filter pollutants and release minerals in to the water to regulate pH.
8) Silica Sand to regulate the pH of water.
9) Mineral and Silver Stones to help to inhibit growth of bacteria, release oxygen, minerals and regulate pH into the water.
10) Magnetism to energize the water and molecules.


Independent testing, including that performed by public agencies including the United States government has shown that source water for municipal supplies may present significant amounts of pollutants. Chlorine or ozone added to combat these dangers, are themselves toxic. Reducing the amount of both the contaminants and choline can result in water that offers the potential for better health.
PiMag Water Technology also possesses advantages over commercially bottled water. An immediately obvious one is cost: the purchase and operation of a PiMag product, which filters tap water, is an order of magnitude less expensive than the ongoing cost of bottled water– which itself is often nothing more that treated tap water.

The environmental cost of bottled water is equally formidable. A mountain of discarded, non-biodegradable containers is a potential ecological disaster. These plastics may pose a health risk in more ways than their harm to the environment. Certain chemicals in the plastic containers are known to leach into the water these containers hold, especially if the bottles are stored or on shelves for any appreciable length of time. On consuming this water, these chemicals may be absorbed and retained in body tissue.
Owning and using a PiMag water product avoids the potential for harm inherent in the regular consumption of bottle water. Water is vital to supporting every bodily function: digestion and nutrient absorption, proper circulation, removal of toxins and more. Ensuring an adequate supply of good water is thus essential.


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Magnetized Water or Bio-availability
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Dancing with Water Nikken Independent Consultant, Dave Johnson who interviews M.J. Pangman on the most healthy water you can drink! They helps us to understand the nature of water. We are confident the Nikken water system has very healthy benefits. During these times it is more important than ever for our immunity.
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PiMag Waterfall Setup and Tips:

Nikken PiMag Water Systems are available in a Pack or individually with FREE SHIPPING

#3215 WaterFall- a gravity fed counter top unit;
#3213 Sports Bottle- reusable;
#3211 MicroJet Wall shower unit
#3212 MicroJet Hand-held shower unit.


Here is a testimonial you might find useful:

“Hello…I am very pleased with our Nikken Waterfall. It was such a relief to have purchased this system from Lorraine Martin just in time for the Covid 19 lockdown. I definitely recommend this water filter for any household. We are perfectly happy with it.”
Sincerely, E. Maureen Peters

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