Sports Massage

Sports Massage


What is Sports Massage?

Be it for the love of health, a drive to compete or simply to finish a distance race, anyone who is active in sports strives to care for their body.
Many people seek massage therapy regularly to help them perform their best, prevent injuries and reach their personal goals.

When do you need a sport massage

  • Massage after a strenuous workout
  • Maintaining a fit body
  • Pre-Event massage
  • Post Event massage
  • Massage for sports injuries
  • Read more…
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Your sports massage therapist

Massage therapists have extensive training that includes a wide variety of massage techniques, anatomy and physiology and knowledge of when and when not to massage.

In addition, massage therapists specializing in sports massage are trained to recognize and work with the unique demands that different sports place on the body.

Your massage therapist will be happy to answer any questions about his or her specialized education, experience and certification or licensing.

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