Mentorship Program

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Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program for Registered Massage Therapists

Kerry & Lynne Hilderman are offering a Mentorship Program for Massage Therapists
Offering 60 years of combined Therapeutic and Life experience to support you in getting the most out or your work and life!

The base program will help you to:

  1. Learn how to make $100,000 or more doing Massage Therapy
  2. Be able to do this work injury free and long term.
  3. Learn to work with Joy, Passion and Ease
  4. Learn how to work effectively and collaboratively with other Healthcare Professionals
  5. And much more!!

It looks like this:

  • 12 month program meeting once per month for 3-4 hours as a group
  • Work on business, philosophy, interpersonal skills, vision and purpose, techniques, self-care
  • I year – One on one coaching (4 – 10 week sessions)
  • Email access
  • Employment opportunities
  • And much more

Special pricing, monthly payment plans available.

I guarantee, when you follow this plan, you will make more money, feel better in your body, enjoy your work and life more, and be on purpose with what is true for you. And the most amazing part is that you will see magic happen every day!!

More info – Email Kerry at:
Check out this link for more info on Core Alignment & Emotional Wisdom Training coaching sessions here.

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