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Kerry Hilderman


Registered Massage Therapist

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About Me

Kerry HildermanMy journey into Massage Therapy began in my early twenties after suffering with headaches and chronic pain from 5 motor vehicle accidents in my teens.  I was frustrated with the cycle of pain and using prescription drugs to manage and cope with life.

I met Donald Bennett RMT at a Christmas party and decided to try a session of Massage Therapy.  The session had such an effect on releasing my pain that I decided to study with him.  In hind sight this seems like destiny was taking place as he was the only Massage Therapist in Regina at the time.

In 1981, after graduating from the Northern Institute of Massage in Regina, Saskatchewan I began my practice of Massage Therapy. The course was a 2-year program and I was fortunate enough to have Don Bennett and Abe Reimer as my mentors as they had many years of experience in various Massage and Osteopathic Techniques. I started working at the YMCA in Regina where I practiced for 4 yrs. I then moved on and started my own private practice, which I ran for 6 years in Regina.

Through two of my clients I found out about Dr. Hasick DC and Nucca, I drove to Calgary from Regina for regular treatments. I had such dramatic results in reduction of my pain that it caused me to look further into the modality.  My function and ability to do the things I enjoyed increased dramatically.

In 1991, my wife and I decided to move to Calgary. Timing was right and I had the opportunity to start a new Practice in Massage working with Dr. Hasick in his clinic.  I was able to adapt my work with chronic pain, to support the work that Dr. Hasick did and to improve the results I was getting in my own clients as well.

Over the years, my training continued. With Upledger Institute, I added CranioSacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release and Visceral Manipulation. In addition, a two year training in Integrated Body Psychotherapy and other various modalities - Onsen, Total Body Modification (TBM), Neuromuscular Integration and Structural Alignment (NISA), Active Release Therapy and a certificate in Bowen Therapy. Life has been a continuous learning experience and has helped me to integrate all these into my work with clients.

My personal motto and daily practise is “Relax in my Intensity” as I am a very passionate person and I have had to learn to “let go” a bit and live in the moment.  I love to ski in the winter and cycle in the summer as well as staying active, camping and being in the outdoors.  I have participated in Ironman Canada Triathlon and enjoy training my body to perform at its peak. I believe in taking a self-responsible approach to my health care by taking care of my body daily and nurturing it so I can perform well and heal quickly.

My work has served me well and given me never ending personal and professional growth and I am grateful to be able to share my experiences with my clients. My gratitude extends to my wife Lynne, daughters, Kaney, Lexi and Nikki and to my clients who have been an ever encouraging source of wisdom and strength.

“Touch the Body, Calm the Mind, Heal the Spirit...”

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