Health Tips Calgary

Do you take OWNERSHIP for your wellness and health?

What does it look like to take OWNERSHIP of our health?

Watch this insightful introductory video with Lynne and Kerry Hilderman, owners of Britannia Bodywork & Wellness in Calgary.

Here are some of the areas that You can work on to take charge of your Life:

OOxygen   Breathe, Breathing – Take a long slow breath.
WWater   Hydration – When was the last time you had a drink of water?
NNutrition   Food matters – We are what we eat.
EExercise   Flexibility, Balance, Endurance, Strength
RRest   Relaxation, Rejuvenation
SSuccess   Security, Stress, Senses, Satisfaction
HHappiness   What brings you joy?
I – Integrity   Am I living the 5 steps to Success? Am I aligned with what I say and what I do?
PPurpose   If you have a mind you have a mission.


What would it take to instill more awareness in your OWNERSHIP practice?

See where you currently are in your OWNERSHIP journey!

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