Network Chiropractic Care (Network Spinal Analysis)

Network Chiropractic Care (Network Spinal Analysis)


Dr. Rob Clarke is offering this new healing modality at Britannia Bodywork & Wellness Centre

Network Care is a powerful new approach to healing and bodywork. Using precise, gentle touches, it triggers your body’s natural healing capacities, helping you release tension from your spine and body. At the same time, it dramatically improves your health and well-being in every area of your life – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Developed by an American chiropractor, Dr. Donald Epstein, Network Care (Network Spinal Analysis) is a method that unifies the best of a large range of techniques and practices developed through chiropractic and other types of bodywork. It combines detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, in particular the functioning of your brain, nervous system and sensory perceptions, with that of your body’s physical, mental, emotional and energetic responses to stress. Network Care has evolved and developed over the past 20 years into an approach that’s both gentle and effective. It used very precise, strategically timed touches to key areas of your spine. These help your body and brain to …Read More.

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