Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatments


Abhyanga – two practitioners perform a synchronized, whole body massage using herbal oils to help loosen stored ama (toxins) from the tissues. As with any massage, the treatment is very relaxing!

Localized Basti treatments – warm herbal oils are retained within a frame, formed with gram flour, over painful joints.
Kati Basti – for the lower back
Janu Basti – for the knees
Griva Basti – for the neck

Shirodhara – a unique therapy in which a specially prepared herbal oil is poured from a copper vessel onto the forehead in a steady stream to invigorate the Third eye (6th Chakra). The blissful treatment is know to alleviate anxiety, reduce headaches, clear the mind and expand awareness.

Shirobhyanga (Head massage) – this is a scalp massage which stimulates the marma (pressure) points on the head, neck and ears helping in reliving stress and tension which in turn calms the mind. This massage is also beneficial as a hair follicle stimulator!

Padabhyanga (Foot massage) – as with Reflexology this Indian foot massage focuses on stimulating the internal organs via the pressure points in the feet with the use of medicated herbal oils. This Ayurvedic treatment increases circulation, helps to relax muscles and ligaments, aids in expelling toxins and balances the doshas.
Dr. Amandeep Khatorh is an expert in Ayurvedic Medicine.




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