Liba Cunnings, RMT

Liba Cunnings


Registered Massage Therapist


Call: (403)301-4075

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About Me

Lisa CunningsLiba Cunnings has been practicing massage for 26 years.

She specializes in the treatment of complex and chronic cases. These cases require a higher level of comprehension for the systems and structures involved, and a strong assessment capacity.

She has a firm grasp on mechanisms that lead to, and perpetuate, various complex conditions. Decades of experience have given her expertise, versatility and the ability to combine a broad spectrum of soft manual techniques. This gives her the advantage of being highly specific, effective and safe even with most fragile cases.

Liba arrived to the massage profession after being severely injured in a car accident in 1986. She discovered that massage… READ MORE

AFFILIATION - Member of Massage Therapist Association of Alberta since 1987


  1. Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage > Nothwestern School of Massage, Calgary, 1986
  2. Sports Massage Certification > SMTI California Dr. Myk Hungerford, 1986-1987
  3. Muscle-in-Form > Dr. Ron Rose DC and Dr. Ken Mikkelson DC, 1994
  4. Cranio-Sacral courses > Upledger Institute, Florida, US, 1998 - 2001
  5. Visceral Manipulation > Upledger Institute Florida/ Barral Institute France, since 1999, ongoing
  6. Neuro-Meningeal Manipulation > Upledger Institute Scandinavia, 2008 – 2010

To book an appointment please call (403) 301-4075

“Touch the Body, Calm the Mind, Heal the Spirit...”

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