Kirsten Buhr

Kirsten Buhr


Occupational Therapist

Call: (403) 243-6610

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About Me

Kirsten Buhr is psychosocial Occupational Therapist (OT). She brings a strong context of Hakomi body-focused psychotherapy – blended with other occupational modalities - to her very part-time OT practice at this clinic.

She has worked privately since 2012. Her OT degrees are from Queen’s University in Kingston (B.Sc. OT, 1996) and Dalhousie University in Halifax (post professional masters, 2017). She currently works as a Mental Health Clinician in a public treatment setting; she uses different practice interventions in this setting than are available to her as a Mental Health Clinician in the public system.

She has longstanding experience working via counselling modalities in Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy is about meaningful engagement in life, including cultivating the skills to do so. Psychotherapeutic OT approaches assess and treat functioning in interpersonal, self-care, and work or leisure areas. She has been told by clients that her approach is both practical and soul inspiring; that it is non-hierarchical, while being usefully educational.

Credentials, contact info and further details can be seen on her website:

She assists individuals to change troublesome and distressing behaviours, and re-engage with their life according to their values. She has consulted with many clients through her work as a 'mental health' OT. She strives to help people stay true to themselves as they decide how to ‘unstick’ parts of their lives.

She maintains a psychosocial (mental health) focus primarily. She will recommend names of other Occupational Therapists for any physical functioning assessments, educational/learning/cognitive assessment, specific medical-legal assessments or paediatrics; Contact SAOT.cafor names of Private Practice OTs in Alberta.

“At any given moment, people have much more about them that is as it should be and that is healthy and adapting than is ‘ill’ or stuck.”

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