Jennifer De Clercq, RMT

Jenny De Clercq


Registered Massage Therapist

Call: (403) 243-6610

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About Me

Jenny De ClercqAfter climbing the corporate ladder for the first part of my work history, it became time to make a career and lifestyle change. So my journey of being in the business of massage and taking care of myself began.

I graduated from the Mount Royal College Massage Therapy program in 2005. Since graduating, I have added Hot Stone Therapy and Shiatsu to my practice. I studied Shiatsu with the team at the Ten Thousand Waves Spa in New Mexico, USA with professional sport massage master, Masanori Uchida from Nagoya, Japan. This pressure therapy is fully clothed and with no oil which allows treatment in many dimensions with thoroughness and ease. It’s become my clientele’s favourite treatment technique.

In 2017, I made the personal decision to get more focused on my own self care. As a result of my careers, countless injury accidents, misguided media information, insecurities and fears, I found myself seeking a professional coach. I dedicated myself to changing my body composition and structure through intensive training and nutrition. In addition, I also progressed through various therapies to correct my posture. This new passion is a life changing journey, albeit, a continuous work in progress.

I feel strengthened and inspired to help others to achieve their own healthy bodies and posture stability while overcoming their fears and misunderstandings of health and nutrition. In the fall of 2019 through to Spring 2020, I will be embarking on the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration program in Maine, USA. I look forward to bringing this 3 and 12 session postural treatment plan to aid in your self care journey.

I firmly believe, in many cases, the body can heal itself with a strong and stabilized posture; supported by proper nutrition, exercise and training, and rest and recovery. I enjoy a more balanced lifestyle now with interests including hiking, travelling, weight training and clean eating.

“Achieving an efficient body is an ongoing journey.”

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