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“Years of martial arts training and standing beside the operating room table performing 6 to 10 hour surgical procedures had taken their toll. I was suffering from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain that was greatly limiting my ability to enjoy my life, and to pursue my work and passions. I had tried everything from Active Release Therapy Chiropractors, to Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, and Back Specialists. I had resigned myself to a life of chronic pain, and to the use of high dose non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) and muscle relaxants.

A friend training for triathlons told me about the Center for Soft Tissue Pain and Diane Patterson’s work with Postural Reconstruction. As a traditionally trained physician and surgeon, I had always been skeptical of alternative therapies, and my experience with these strategies to date had not helped me with my musculoskeletal difficulties. I was desperate, however, and willing to try anything to alleviate my pain.

Diane explained the theory behind Postural Reconstruction, and demonstrated to me how the years of chronic injury and muscular tension had pulled me out of my natural alignment. She explained to me that physiotherapy treatment with Postural Reconstruction was centered on restoring the patient to health, and not to ensuring that the patient returned for repeated treatments.

The sessions were physically exhausting, but I immediately began to notice results, with less pain, and an increased ability to perform my daily activities at work and at play. After 6 months with Diane, I have now completely recovered, with virtually no back and neck pain. I have returned to my martial arts training and instructing, and have been able to virtually eliminate my use of the dangerous NSAID drugs. When I do have a long day at work, my back and neck recover within 24 hours, and I am able to go on with my life.

I would strongly recommend Diane, The Center for Soft Tissue Pain and the use of Postural Reconstruction for anyone with chronic back and neck pain. I am now sending my patients and many of my professional colleagues to Diane for treatment. Thank you Diane for giving me my life back!”



“My 14 year old son was in acute neck, back and shoulder pain due to a flare-up with spondylolysis. At the onset he had trouble walking up stairs. Even getting out of a car was troublesome.
After 1 session with Diane his pain eased considerably. He continued to see Diane on a weekly basis for 6 weeks and each time his pain lessened and proper alignment of his spine was clearly evident. I am happy to say that my son is currently playing full contact football with no side effects and is a very fit and pain-free individual. I plan on taking my son for yearly or semi-yearly maintenance with Diane. We are extremely grateful for Diane’s insight and helpfulness in addressing my son’s ailments.”

Jeannie Morkin


“Diane was my last resort. I hurt my back water-skiing and tried many many ways to fix the aching and spasms. Far too may chiropractic visits (as they are so incline to prescribe!) active release therapy, a kinesiologist, vitamins, exercise, massage you name it. I could see this was going to be a chronic life condition. Until it dawned on me to call the Soft Tissue Pain Clinic. I had often walked by the location and looked up to see the words ‘postural reconstruction’ and I though wow! who wouldn’t benefit from that! So I called. Not only did she quickly relieve my pain but I have been given back the good posture of my youth. I feel taller, looser and grounded. The look of my body has changed. She resolved the pain issues, with the added bonus that it’s made me feel younger and more attractive. My clothes fit better and I have a longer waistline.
This type of medicine is valuable. I have recommended Diane to many others who complained of back pain. It’s scary to think that she is alone in knowing how to do this practice here, something so effective and practical. There is no surgery and no drugs and you don’t have to keep coming and coming. It’s a process with an end, a renewed posture, the one you lost years ago!
Thanks Diane!”

Trudie Lee


“We were told by the medical profession that there was really not much one could do to reduce a curve created by Scoliosis. At age 11 our daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis, a 13 degree curve. It was suggested that she remain active and we were to keep a close eye on her back. We were determined to be proactive and not wait and see what would happen to her back. Our family naturopath recommended that our daughter pay a visit to the Centre for Soft Tissue Pain and meet with Diane Patterson. The treatments began and now after one year the curve is now measuring 10 degrees. We believe that Diane and the Postural Reconstruction method were and are instrumental in the reduction of the curve. We are so thankful and pleased that we have found Diane and we are hopeful that with her continued involvement with our daughter and my daughter’s hard work, we will avoid a brace. Thank you Diane!”



Diane: Mechanical link — Diane’s therapy is the icing on the cake for my work with Nadine. She is finding the trouble spots and freeing them up so that my MFR therapy can progress. After each session, I find increased mobility and decreased restrictions in my joints & muscles. She is very gentle in her technique and the results are evident immediately after each treatment. (Not your typical physio exercise—based approach at all—worth a try for anyone!)”

Susan J.


“I have fibromyalgia & have been a patient at the Centre for Soft Tissue Pain for over a year. I found the staff is friendly & accommodating. Diane has shown outstanding personal interest in me. Her treatments have helped me feel much better physically. I avoided foot surgery because of her helpful treatments.”



“Without Nadine and Diane I would be a physical wreck-or at least crooked and sore.”

Anne M.


“Diane has helped myself and two teenage sons keep our alignment over these past few years. This is particularly important as both boys are hockey players and have had lots of bumps and bruises over the past few years.”

Alison S.


“Diane Patterson has helped me with shoulder, lower back, posture and neck problems when no one else could; she is fabulous. I have been seeing Diane when I need help for years and think she is the ‘top’ in the city.
I suffered 3 years with a neck problem and Diane fixed it in 10 sessions! I was grateful and thrilled.”

Gail M.


“I thank God every morning for the healing in my hands. Diane’s Postural Reconstruction Work has freed me from 20 years of chronic pain. At my worst, I could not work because I could not get myself ready for work. Simple things like washing my hair, brushing my hair or teeth, doing up buttons or zippers, opening a window, chopping food, lifting the kettle or a pot, were excruciatingly painful. Driving was impossible. I gave up many of my favourite sports like cycling, climbing, skiing. After just a few treatments I saw improvement in my hands for the first time in many years. After a full treatment of twelve sessions, I am back at work, typing, biking, skiing and even taking piano lessons! Thanks Diane! God bless you and all those you treat.”



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