Mexican Paradise Retreat 2014

Mexican Paradise Retreat 2014


Welcome to Radiance Rejuvenation in Paradise 

… a 4-Day Oceanside Retreat in Mexico


November 8-12th, 2014
November 15-19th, 2014


Mexican Paradise Retreat 2014


Are you feeling drained by tension and stress … and dreaming of a peaceful escape into serenity and relaxation?

Maybe you’re ready to align your dreams with your vitality, so you can sleep deeply and wake up refreshed and free all those nagging aches and pains.

Or maybe you’re just tired of taking baby steps. When what you really want is to make a glorious LEAP into your beauty and well-being.

This Holistic Retreat in Paradise

Was Created Especially for


Meet Your Healing Guide … Mary Frances Barbisan

Your private retreat will be hosted by MaryFrances Barbisan, a renowned medical intuitive and expert at helping highly accomplished professionals de-stress and unwind so they can feel nurtured, nourished, and wholly radiant from the inside out.


Find Out More About How to
Rejuvenate Your Radiance
… in Paradise!


Click here to schedule a complimentary private conversation with MaryFrances.
Find out if the Radiance Rejuvenation Retreat in Paradise is right for you.

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