Art of Feminine Presence – Mother’s Day, may 9th 2015

AFP may 9 2015
Mother’s Day is coming up … gift yourself with time to nourish and celebrate the feminine!
Are you yearning to be a more magnetic woman, who is seen, heard and appreciated?
Do you want to feel more confident and move forward even when fear comes up?
Are you ready to deepen your relationships and have the impact and income you desire?

Education through family, school and society doesn’t always teach us about living in an empowering, nourishing and joyful manner. We may experience little snippets of freedom here and there, but we often have no idea how to sustain it. During this 1-day workshop you will experience a number of practices that are designed to offer you greater presence and support you in exploring your unique feminine power and wisdom. Ideas and discussions can start us out on the path to change, but ultimately it is through action that life changes.
“I feel better, more focused, more connected. The practices make my life very easy. I have more self-confidence. I trust myself to show up fully. I see friends and strangers both responding with greater interest and appreciation.“ – Cynthia Adams
Come and meet Calgary’s Art of Feminine Presence teachers. We would love to share with you!
Investment: $97 – Early Bird until April 30: $47
Bring your Mother, Daughter or friend for free! (To reserve a spot, both participants must be registered and paid in full. One of you will be reimbursed after attending the course.)
Click here to register:

Women of AFP core

The Teachers of Calgary Core have taught the Art of Feminine Presence™ classes in Calgary over the past 2 years, empowering spiritual women of all ages and walks of life to be seen and heard and feel confident in every aspect of their lives.

Contact: 403-244-6863 or email:

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